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John has featured in several television programmes, national newspapers and magazine articles. 

In episode 4 of 'Welsh Lives', John Downing is interviewed about his long and successful career

ITV Wales - November 2019 

From Chernobyl to the Brighton bombing: the photography of John Downing

The Guardian - June 2019 

The award-winning documentary 'Behind the Lens' 
was directed and produced by John's son, Bryn Downing

INP Media - January 2016

John Downing: our former chief photographer on capturing history

The Daily Express - September 2019 

In at the Deep End

Coming soon...

Chris Serle aims to become a Press Photographer
in just 6 weeks, learning from Fleet Street 
photographer John Downing.

BBC - June 1987

John Downing's best photograph: Mujahideen posing in an Afghanistan safe house

The Guardian - April 2017

John Downing interviewed before a performance of his slideshow, set to the beautiful music of 'Can you hear me?'

Focus Shift Films - July 2015

John Downing crowdfunder exceeds target in hours

The Society of Editors - September 2019 

The truth about Chernobyl? I saw it with my own eyes, by Kim Willsher

The Guardian - June 2019 

International Photography Festival, Aberystwyth

The Eye Festival - July 2012

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